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To see an empowered generation of children who will become transformation agents in the society


To steer socio-economic change in slums and fight poverty through education, mentorship and child rights advocacy.
To enable access to education by children from poor urban families and slums so that they are empowered to be transformation agents in the society. Since the ratification of free primary education for all in 2002 school enrollment has increased from 10%-70%. However, enrollment has been rather slow and inefficient in urban and rural poor families. School drop out is also in the increase especially at the upper primary level (class 7-8) and secondary school level. The above phenomena are due to different factors which include
Equality and Inclusion - to support the most disadvantaged in the community by giving them the voice to be heard and the space to contribute to the larger community.

Integrity-to diligently serve our target group in the community without fear or favor.