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August 23, 2016


Despite Universal declaration of CompulsoryFree primary education to all, access to education is still a challenge in Africa. It is estimated that about 30 million children are out of school.

Two of the major factors leading to lack of education are poverty and Gender inequality, this is true as majority of families in Africa are living in abject poverty. The insufficiency in income –brought by informal employment- makes it difficult for these families to afford the indirect cost that comes with education. Hence, education is seen as a secondary need substituted by survival for food and shelter.

Gender inequality is still an issue, as majority of African societies still believe that it’s of essence in educating a boy as opposed to the girl child. This negative cultural perception has seen girls being denied the right to education. This has made girls to be vulnerable elements to early marriages, child labor and poverty.

Nipeleke Shule Initiatve is a program whose rationale is to increase the primary and secondary enrollment through advocacy, sponsorship and partnership. The program advocates for the right to education for every child despite their gender, religion and family financial background.

Imperatively the program tends to support children from under privileged families in accessing education by payment of school fees (scholarship) and purchase of academic stationaries I.e exercise books and pencils.

Finally the program through partnership, is trying to ensure that education is seen as an important tool toward social, political and economical development of any society.

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