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The Smallest library in Africa is a makeshift of a library whose mission is to develop ample learning opportunity, in Mugure slum, that will foster innovation, excellence and cohesion.

The birthing of this library comes from the fact that, for many decades school going children have beenlacking a conducive reading space.  This lack, has been brought by the fact that majority of households in Mugure are too congested and lack sufficient energy source.

On the other hand there lies insufficiency of reading materials both in private and public schools.

The above loopholes lead to poor school performance and illiteracy, which is the inability to read or write.

The vision of The Smallest Library in Africa is to see a zero free illiterate community, by establishing a platform that gives school going children the opportunity to learn.

We believe that through this platform, school children will become competitive in their academics and most potently improve their literacy levels.

Today, the smallest Library has redeemed the hopes and dreams of school children and this is seen by the high number of beneficiaries who visit the library on a daily basis.

“Though not the best of settings, We as the community we are very proud of the positive impact brought by this initiative”

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