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The Impossible Story Of Grace

Deep in rural area of Busia County, is where Grace Atieno, 12years of age was born.  Being the 5th born in a family of 8 children her single mother always preferred them to work instead of going to school. Her and her 4 sisters would be send to do house work while two of their three brothers would be send to sell sugarcane in streets of Busia “Every day it was the same routine, waking up and instead of going to school, we would be sent to different home steeds to work, it always pained me as we could pass other children dressed in school uniforms going to school”


Grace helping her Now Guardian- Everlyn okado-to tend their small farm

In Grace’s family, education had no meaning as far as income for survival was concern. Though education was a farfetched dream, Grace always had hope in her heart that she will go to school one day. “I was always saddened that no one in our entire family had a formal education, and for me my tiniest wish was just to know how to hold a pen and write her name”

After constant years of struggle four of her sisters were married off at tender ages. Realising that her fate will follow suit, she and her other remaining sister flew to their grandmother in such of rescue but with no avail “Home was no longer safe for us and the only place we knew and could go was to our grandmother’s place which we did. At our grandmothers place we used to work tirelessly on other peoples firms with no decent meal as sometimes we could go on an empty stomach”

“Eventually my sister was taken to Nairobi to go and leave with a relative where she started schooling. For our two last born brothers, they were found on the streets and taken to Busia orphanage an institution that rescues children, though I miss them but I know they are in a good place”

Through same networks Grace found herself in the big city of Nairobi under the care of a widowed casual farmer and a cloth hawker, Everlyne Okado.

“When I first came to the city, I was amazed by everything, it had many people, the buildings were big and new while the cars looked flashy, but again I couldn’t go back to school”

“I took Grace because I thought I could support her with food, shelter and education but the latter always seemed impossible for me. My small business couldn’t sustain all that”

The impossible choice, seemed impossible until February last year 2016 when NIPELEKE SHULE INITIATIVE came knocking. Through the initiative Grace was enrolled in M.M CHANDARIA PRIMARY SCHOOL as a class 3 pupil “Am much happy that am finally in school and my desire is to continuously work hard and become a teacher so that I can take our two brothers from the orphanage and take care of Dada that is Everlyn”

Globally, a lot of children like Grace miss out of school due to extreme poverty. Being a girl makes it even worse as they are married off at a tender age while others are forced into labour to earn an extra income for the family. As an initiative our aim is to ensure that no child misses school due to poverty or gender inequality by supporting them through payment of school fees and purchase of academic stationeries.

You can be part of Grace’s dream and that of many other children that are being supported through this initiative   by clicking on ourDONATE




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