Nipeleke Shule Initiative


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Education is a human right with an immense power to transform. On its foundation rest the cornerstone of freedom, democracy and sustainable human development

Koffi Annan

Access to education is a basic human right and policies like Free Primary Education (EPD) by the Kenyan government is among the progressive policies that has enabled many children from poor families to freely access education. However, we have few pressing needs that have continued to deny many children living in informal settlements from accessing education.

Factors such as poverty and disability are preventing many children from actualizing their full potential through education. Under this program, we support children from the most vulnerable families and situations by providing them with Education basic needs like uniforms, stationeries and indirect cost.

We also support the inclusion of children living with disabilities by strengthening the existing special needs schools in the informal settlements. Through stakeholder’s engagement, we design education programs that supports children with special needs.