The Smallest Library In Africa


  • We believe that libraries are the first encounter to lifelong learning as they greatly contribute to development of pre-reading skills


Majority of school going children living in informal settlements lack conducive reading spaces and materials necessary to foster their learning needs. Living within less than a dollar a day, parents in informal settlements cannot afford to purchase books while them and their children, live in one roomed house which serves as a kitchen, bedroom and living room. These “conditioned” factors have led to poor learning outcomes like poor school performance and high levels of illiteracy.

Started in 2014 in Mugure Slum as a makeshift of a library, Smallest Library In Africa is a program whose objective is to strengthen and create reading culture among children in low income communities hence stimulating their imagination and creativity. How work revolves around establishing and supporting community and school libraries, enrolling children to pre-literacy skills and E-learning programs and partnering with other stakeholders to stimulate reading culture